Curriculum Vitae



2008-2010            MFA University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

                               Area of Specialization: Experimental Video Arts

2004-2006            MA, New York University, New York, NY

                               Area of Specialization: Photography & Media Arts

1992-1996            BFA, Beijing Film Academy, Beijing, P. R. China

                               Area of Specialization: Film Production


Academic Employment


2013-Present       Affiliated faculty: Media Arts, Department of Art

                               University of Minnesota; Minneapolis, MN

2006-2010            Assistant Professor, Department of Cinematography,

                               Beijing Film Academy; Beijing, P.R. China

2000-2004            Lecturer: Department of Cinematography,

                                 Beijing Film Academy, Beijing, P.R. China

Professional Experience


2010-present      Videographer and Editor, Voice of Vision VI, VII,

                          Art Department, University of Minnesota

2005-2006          Videographer and Editor, Hong Kong Phoenix

                          Satellite Television, New York Bureau

2001                   Visiting Scholar, Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. US

2000                   Visiting Scholar, Duke University in Durham, NC, US

1997-1999          Information Technology Specialist, Audio-Visual

                          Experiment Center, Beijing Film Academy,

                          Beijing, P.R. China

Fellowships and Awards

2014                   Distinguished Chinese Alumni Award

2010                   Zelda and Max Berman Graduate Fellowship, 

                           University of Minnesota

                           Pioneer Scholarship Award, University of Minnesota

2009                   International Graduate student Special Award,

                           University of Minnesota  

2008                   Jacob Lawrence and Gwendolyn Knight

                           Scholarship Award, University of Minnesota

Courses Taught

                           Lecturer, University of Minnesota

                           Art and Politics

                           Documentary Filmmaking

                           From Moving Image to New Media

                           Experimental and Media Arts


                           Assistant Professor, Beijing Film Academy

                           Experimental Video

                           Narrative Filmmaking

                           Documentary Filmmaking

                           Lecturer, Beijing Film Academy

                           Video Editing

                           Filming for Visual Effects

                           Camera and Lighting Techniques,

                           Graduate Instructor, University of Minnesota

                           Experimental and Media Arts


2014                  The 14th Pingyao International Photography Festival

2013                   Saku The fourth Kobe Biennale, Kobe, Japan

2013                   Gravitation   The sixth Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu, China

2013                  Boundary: Art or Life

                          Museum of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin, China     

2012                  Conceptual Renewal – A Brief History of Chinese  

                          Contemporary Photographical Art Sishang Art Museum, 

                          Huosi Rd. East, Zhangxizhuang, Shunyi Dist., Beijing, China    

2012                  Women and Water Rights exhibition,

                           The Phipps Center for the Arts, Hudson, WI.

2011                  Understanding Politics -Three Artists ExhibitionSoap Factory,

                           514 SE. 2nd St. Minneapolis, MN              

2010                   Bebal, Katherine E. Nash Gallery,

                           University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

2010                   Women and Water, Katherine E. Nash Gallery,

                           University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN  

2009                  The Rule of Art, Korea Cultural Center, Beijing, China

2009                   Experimental and Media Arts, Katherine E. Nash Gallery,

                           University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 

                           Scholarship Exhibition, Regis Center for Art, Minneapolis, MN

2008                   Water, Wood and Sky, Beijing Film Academy Gallery,

                           Beijing, China

2008                   Why You Belong, Burnet Art Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

2008                   To the Bind, Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

2008                   Culturing Technology: Art & Technology 1968-2008, 

                           Regis Center for Art, Minneapolis, MN

2008                    New York University, Asian Art Alumni Exhibition,

                           Shanghai, China

2007                   Time-Line, Human Speed and Technology Speed, 

                           Korean Cultural Center, Beijing, China

2006                   Seven Artists in China, 548 Avant Gallery, 548 W, 28th NYC, NY

2005                   Butterfly Dreams: MA Thesis Exhibition,

                           80 Washington Square East Galleries, NYC,

                           Department of Art and Art Professions, New York University, NY

2004                   NYU Students Annual Exhibition, NYU Art and Art Professions,

                           New York University, NY

1996                   BFA Exhibition, Beijing Film Academy Gallery, Beijing, China

                           The Art of Advertisement, Beijing Film Academy Gallery, China

Solo Exhibitions


2012                   Vacuity, The 12th Pingyao International Photography Festival,

                           Shangxi, China

2009                   Broken Glass, The 9th Pingyao International Photography Festival,

                           Shangxi, China

2006                   At the Moment, 798 Avant Gallery, 511w 25th St. #502, New York


Lectures and Presentations

2014                  Guest lecturer, Maryland Institute College of Art

2013                  Guest Lecturer, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin, China     

2012                  Panelist, panel discussion of Women and Water Right,

                          The Phipps Center for the Arts, Hudson, WI

2012                  Guest Lecturer, Macalester College, Saint Paul, MN

2010                  Guest Lecturer, LiaoNing Normal University, Dalian, China

2010                  Panelist, panel discussion of how to modernize traditional

                          Chinese Cultures--Film section, ShangHai

2010                   Artist Talk, Women and Water, University of Minnesota, MN

2009                   Guest Lecturer, Minneapolis Community and Technical College,

                         Minneapolis, MN 

                         Guest speaker, Beijing Bastard, Walker Art Center,

                         Minneapolis, MN

2008                  Panelist, panel discussion of Jian, Yi’s film Super Girls, 13 Gallery,

                         Minneapolis, MN

Film and Video Works

2013                 Amendment II (Experimental Video, TRT 5:00 minutes)

2011                 The Fire (Experimental Video, TRT 3:20 minutes)

2010                 Babel  (Experimental Video, TRT 14:50 minutes)

2008-now        Jacuzzi (Narrative Short, working in progress, TRT 30 minutes)

                        Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Editor

2009                Something About Relationship (Mockumentary, TRT15 minutes)

                        Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Editor

2009                 Inaudible Sound (Experimental Video, 3 minutes) Director,

2008                A Brief History of Time (Experimental Video, TRT 5:31 Minutes)

2007                Flying Five Rings (A Promotional Film for Beijing 2008 Olympics,

                       30 minutes) Assistant Director

2006                The Kite Runner (Feature TRT128 Minutes), Coordinator

1999                National Flag (Feature TRT 90 Minutes) Assistant Cinematographer

                        Beijing Forbidden City Film Co.

1998                Dream Pursuer (Feature TRT 90 Minutes)

                       Assistant Cinematographer & Still Photographer

                       Youth Film Studio of Beijing Film Academy


Professional Training            

1999                 Large Format Photography Workshop

                        Sinar Training Center, Beijing, P. R. China

1998                 Pedagogy Summer School for Young Teachers

                        Training Center for University Teachers- Certificate of

                        Qualification of Instruction at the University level, 

                        Capital Normal University, Beijing P. R. China

1996                 3-D Studio Computer Visual Arts Workshop

                        3-D Computer Visual Arts Training Center

                        Beijing Film Academy, Beijing, P. R. China


Professional Organizations

2012-present     Women Caucus Art—Vice President of Minnesota Chapter

2007-present     Central Arts and Culture Committee of China Association

                          for Promoting Democracy

1999-2003          Chinese Female Photographers' Association

1998-2005          Chinese Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers